NFL 100 Spot Ranked Number One in Super Bowl Ad Meter

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“The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here” Ranked Top 5 Super Bowl Ads

USA Today 02.04.2019

McCann’s global chief creative chairman Rob Reilly praises Film 47 for its ability to "collectively produce high-quality work," calls company an "incredibly attractive partner."

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Film 47 Super Bowl spots rank #1 and #5 in Ad Meter.

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NFL's Super Bowl ad turns out better than Super Bowl

USA Today 02.4.2019

Big-time Super Bowl and TV ad director Peter Berg leads two high-profile and loved campaigns for both the NFL and Verizon

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How Chargers coach Anthony Lynn was 'emotionally ambushed' in Super Bowl ad

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NFL 100 commercial had more action than the Super Bowl

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Filmmaker and creator of Friday Night Lights Peter Berg joins show "Pardon My Take" to talk about his new project with the NFL.

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Verizon campaign wins digital game leading into Super Bowl spot

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Peter Berg talk his new documentary 'The Team That Wouldn't Be Here'

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NFL Network behind-the-scenes interview with director Peter Berg

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44 NFL greats featured in 100th anniversary Super Bowl spot

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Watch Past and Present NFL Stars Play an Epic Game in 100th Anniversary Super Bowl Commercial.

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Verizon reunites Chargers coach with the first responders who saved him

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Berg: Directing NFL 100th season commercial was 'emotional'

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Inside the Ambitious Super Bowl Ad That Will Kick Off the NFL’s 100th-Season Celebrations

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NFL Super Bowl LIII commercial sets tone for year-long 100th anniversary celebration

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The futuristic full-electric Rivian R1T pickup truck is being planned for the 2020 model year with a 400-mile operating range.

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Verizon Will Thank First Responders for Saving 12 NFL Stars in Its Super Bowl Spot

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Verizon's "Team That Wouldn't Be Here" among Fact Company's top 5 ads of the week

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Rivian amps up adventure with 400-mile all-electric pickup truck

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Papa John's sets new tone for brand with new campaign featuring real employees

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Papa John's commercial "Voices" focus on the "real faces and voices" behind the company

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How Hyundai and the US Military Created a Super Bowl Ad in Less Than an Hour

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How Hyundai Pulled Off An Unexpected Reunion Of U.S. Troops And Their Families In Super Bowl 2017

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